Referral Process: Ages 60 & Over

The qualified service coordinators at Supports Coordination can assist you through the referral process for ages 60 and over. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you. 


  1. Make a referral to the local AAA office in your county.

  2. AAA will set up an appointment with you within 5 days of the referral.

  3. AAA assessor will meet with you and complete an initial assessment.

  4. AAA will work with your physician to get a Physician's Certificate (within 30 days).

  5. After a certificate is obtained, AAA will meet with you to complete a level of care assessment (LOCA) to determine medical eligibility for services (within 30 days).

  6. After LOCA is completed, AAA will make a request to the local county assistance office to determine financial eligibility (within 45 days).

  7. AAA will offer you a choice of service coordination providers. Once you are enrolled, you will be contacted by the service coordination agency.

  8. The service coordination agency will meet with you and offer choices of direct care providers as well as assist in facilitating any additional support services you need.

I appreciate that my SC takes time to discuss my health and that he talks to my whole family when we meet. I also like the way that my son gets reimbursed to take me to see my family. That's very important to me.

Hari Timsina

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