Nursing Home Transition • Supports Coordination

Nursing home transition services are available to individuals who currently reside in a nursing home facility or personal care home who wish to live independently. The nursing home transition coordinator will work collaboratively with the individual, as well as their family members and faculty/staff (if desired), to ensure a smooth transition safely into the community. Funding is available, up to $4.000, to cover all associated costs.

Services for nursing home transition include:

  • Personalized transition plan and support of a qualified service coordinator.
  • Assistance in finding housing, planning your move, and setting up your household.
  • Assistance in finding resources to modify an existing residence.
  • Assistance in obtaining (cost included) household supplies (including furniture), moving expenses, security deposits/rental fees, set-up fees or deposits, health and safety costs (pest eradication, etc.), and support coordination fees.
  • Access to in-home support and community-based services such as transportation, personal assistance, peer support, assistive technology, and home modifications.

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